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Curve and Crave

Author Name: Paridhi Singh Rathore | Format: Paperback | Genre : Health & Fitness | Other Details

Hey I am not a chef or a writer I am a nutritionist who can advice you how to deal with your cravings and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This book is my love and care towards my world.

Dieting is not only boiled or boring meals. It’s about your healthy connection with your kitchen.

A small step towards  healthy lifestyle with yummy diet recipes.

Do not eat less, eat healthy.

Seeking for your love and support. Hope my small mistakes will not overshadow my positive efforts. This is first but not last

Stay healthy Stay connected

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Paridhi Singh Rathore

In a world where the pursuit of wellness often feels like a complex labyrinth of fad diets and conflicting information, it's a rare and precious gift to encounter someone like Paridhi Singh. Paridhi isn't just a nutritionist and health coach; she's a beacon of clarity, simplicity, and unwavering support on the path to well-being.

I first crossed paths with Paridhi when I was navigating the challenging terrain of hormonal imbalance. Like many others, I had struggled to find effective solutions amidst a sea of trendy diets and expensive supplements. Paridhi's approach was refreshingly different. She didn't dazzle me with elaborate meal plans or exotic ingredients. Instead, she empowered me to harness the power of my own kitchen, crafting nourishing meals from everyday staples.

What sets Paridhi apart is not just her wealth of knowledge but her boundless positivity and genuine care for her clients. She doesn't just offer advice; she holds your hand every step of the way, cheering you on through the highs and lows of your health journey. Her infectious enthusiasm and unwavering support have been a lifeline for countless individuals, myself included.

But Paridhi's impact extends far beyond the realm of nutrition. She is a true community leader, tirelessly engaging in activities that uplift and inspire those around her. Whether she's spearheading charity initiatives or lending a listening ear to those in need, Paridhi's commitment to making a difference is nothing short of extraordinary.