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Cycle Expedition Jammu to Kanyakumari

Author Name: Sadanand Prasad | Format: Paperback | Genre : Travel | Other Details

This book has been written on an excursion at resplendent by a serving army person on the mission of trial/discovery of truth by dint of hard and rigorous labour on all kinds of terrain. He either rides on the plain or hilly road by pushing his bicycle from behind and various other things on the way.

This book teaches a lesson of honesty and enhances the spirit of adventure through cycling alone. As a result, the author has gained additional energy and strength to move beyond in all kinds of weather, either rainy or sunny, too cold or warm, while moving ahead. During the ride, various kinds of natural scenery entertained him. This book can teach a lesson to people of all ages and to those who dare to grow and achieve all required qualities after sacrificing and doing rigorous work with honesty.

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Sadanand Prasad

The main features of this book are revealed from the aspirations imbibed through truthful determination while appearing in school/college examinations. And accordingly, the positive result declared had instigated a spirit of courage and determination in the forthcoming status of students and general people too. Nowadays, such kind of positive thinking towards honest dealing can provide fruitful results to all. In this book, honesty has provided a successful result in all kinds of hardships, of which Jutogh, Simla night and crossing the Mudumalai forest played a dominant role. Attending a meeting of Rotarians at Wayanad had provided presumptuous relief or pleasures. In such a lengthy journey, honesty was the only tool that had succeeded the author and his confidence in the truth and had always supported him to date. After a stressful ride to Bilaspur, Simla, with a sweat-drenched coat in December and getting assurance from a unit officer for a night halt, he was able to pass the night. Simultaneously, crossing the Mudumalai forest was too dreadful and dangerous. Before reaching there, many incidents could happen, but he crossed the forest successfully without any problem although a range forest officer and many security persons tried to stop him.



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