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Dance with Me

Author Name: Prachi Prangya Agasti | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Fiction | Other Details

In a single heart-throbbing moment, their eyes met and seized a part of each other’s hearts.

Jahnvi Sen is a middleclass woman striving and surviving in the societies of aristocracy by the mercy of her own hand. She beat a crowd of designers to claim her position, as she started her journey with one man, Aarav Singhania. Now, after four years, when she was assigned a work in Silverbeech, she swore she would never fall for him again.

Aarav Singhania, the CEO of Panache-styles, a chain of successful enterprises, had once made the mistake of letting one woman ruin his heart. Four years of abandonment made him become the tyrant he was now. Would he manage to prevent her from invading his sanity again when they meet after four years?

It is said that heartbreak changes everything, and you die a thousand times in pain before you appreciate the phase of moving on. But how would their passions die when the only place of home and remittance were their old hearts. Had they annihilated their desire in layers and layers of pain? Or would the firestorms within them collide and burst into flames before they could finally heal their broken hearts?

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Prachi Prangya Agasti

A 21-year-old B.Tech graduate, Prachi Prangya Agasti has been brought up to the amazing feels of literature and art in her family. Growing up with the constant support of the people around her she had always desired to touch a million hearts through her words.

She always had bits and pieces of an undying love story and a longing to put it into words. She took a step for the first time in 2013 and came up with Just Once, and certainly her foray into writing didn’t just end with her debut novel. Her writing has also been part of an anthology on friendship, and Friendship - Bonds beyond time, a collection of short stories.

She has also published a collection of fourteen short stories titled White Night Moonbeams based on the different shades of human emotions, which was followed by another anthology of short stories and poems named Freefall.

Besides being a writer in fiction, she is an avid reader and also has a great passion for painting.

She is currently on the cruise to her new imaginary world, her next novel, which she promises to reveal soon.



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