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Dented & Painted beyond flesh

by Tirupathi Khemka

Format: Hardcover

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We live in tough times. Manhood established his world with his set of rules; womanhood strikes back, unfortunately playing by the same rules. Here is a collection of touching true stories of modern women and their lives in a contemporary society. Stories of women who were oppressed, abused and used, and stories of women who avenged, repelled or survived. Relate to a pain you hid from yourself, listen to the untold tale of a woman you know, ask questions you didnt dare to and learn answers that?ll change a part of you.



Businessman, industrialist, leader, visionary, innovator and philanthropist, Tirupathi Kumar Khemka, is known for his Midas touch. He added panache to everything he undertook; be it creating and managing multi-million dollar businesses, revolutionizing the power generating industry, pioneering the concept of airline charter in the country, breeding industrial relationships or generously supporting social causes.

He has extensively travelled across the globe and has observed different societies, cultures and people as a profound enthusiast of human character.

Tirupathi is a known philanthropist who supports Sri Ram Dayal Khemka Vivekananda Vidyalaya & Junior College in Tamil Nadu since 1990, where more than 3,500 children are educated on a non-profit basis. He is an avid contributor to various social causes including women empowerment.

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Dented & Painted





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