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Desierto Florido

Author Name: Devangana Format: eBook | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

For the last three years, I’ve lived in the bodies and minds of everyone I’ve ever known and never known to understand history, culture, racism, capitalism, science, art, and everything that makes our world and everything that breaks our world. Nothing in my life has been as dark as writing this book. In giving it out to the world will be my healing and joy. Live long, Desierto Florido, may you reach the hearts of everyone who has needed you but never known. 

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Devangana could do anything but then she met a young boy who got extremely violent at the sound of loud, chaotic music, so she went ahead and chose to study autism and the neuroscience of the ‘intellectually disabled’ to go back one day and fix that boy’s world. Life turned her into a dreamer and a writer when she was very young playing by little lakes and ponds growing up in cities and countries across the world. 

Three years or so ago, home called her back again, to India, to build a new life, right here, in the country she left ages ago because the body is a machine; it does what it does. This book is Devangana’s labor of a million voices, a labor of love, loss, history, politics, capitalism, marriage, life, everything and then nothing at all. It’s just about the here and now, our everyday humanity, our dailiness, this moment in life, where everything feels young again but then so old. Devangana now lives in Bombay with her cat, Marie[e] and runs a little incubator for kids on the spectrum of autism called Brain Bristle.