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Did I ask you for your opinion? Don’t let them get you

Author Name: Rakhi Kapoor | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Nonfiction | Other Details

How many ridiculous things have you heard in your life in the name of an opinion? Random people walking up to you to give unsolicited advice. You get opinions from strangers and people who don’t really know you. Many a time, it’s a comment made in the passing. 

How many times has it pained you when a relative, friend or acquaintance judged you? 

How many times have you fumbled with words, trying to explain yourself when you needed a shoulder to lean on? 

How do these ridiculous things that people say influence your mind and thought process? 

It sits somewhere in your subconscious mind, causing micro-level damage to your self-worth and belief. It is we who let these oppressive remarks suppress us.

This book is about starting a revolution within ourselves. Enough of shackling our self-worth according to fancy norms of the society. It’s a dictatorship that we need to bring down. This revolution first starts from within. 

We are going to fight our own selves. We can’t control running mouths, meaningless opinions or sarcastic remarks of people. What is in our hands is to undo the damage of such judgements and never let it get to us. Say “No” to the naysayers. Don’t let them get to you.


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Rakhi Kapoor

Rakhi Kapoor has been playfully termed a “serial author” by her publishing team. She started her career as an author in 2017. Rakhi has authored books in various genres and aspires to write many more books on different aspects of life with an application value for her readers. 

The author believes that a thought or an idea is a gift implanted by the universe within each of us. It is our responsibility and duty to nourish it and make it work.





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