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Efforts Never Die A Voyage to Sky

by Sukumar V

Format: Paperback

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Author Mr.Sukumar has taken great pain to pen his biography in a transparent manner. It’s not only his biography but a treatise containing information about persons and their talents & Innovations. Congratulations to author for bringing such a valuable book containing information about love, happiness, self confidence, spirituality and his concern for the rest of human race in the world arena.

Mr.Ravi Tamilvanan, CEO of Manimekalai Prasuram

It’s very refreshing the way author Sukumar has written his outlook on life, happiness and endurance. The book presents the ways one can dream and make it come true with pursuance of hard work. Above all his inspirational professional and personal life which will certainly benefit the world.

Ms. Annette Wellington-British-an Interior designer and an Educationalist of UAE university

Sukumar, an aviation professional, traces his journey though life in this candid biography, even as he explores the philosophies that shaped his views and thoughts.

The author goes back in time, tracing his childhood paths, the experiences that shaped his attitudes and his outlook; revealing his life’s lessons learned through his interactions with people and incidents, resulting in a spiritual as well as practical understanding of the world.



Efforts Never Die





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