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Eimear Traveller's Guide A Guide to Kaziranga National Park and North East India

by Dr Kanak Chandra Baruah

Format: Paperback

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Each word of this book lets you explore the unique characteristics of the North East region of India and experience its virgin beauty. The detailed descriptions give you an exclusive insight to the unknown or the often-ignored facts about the region. Whether you are the anthropologist kind of traveller, curious to unearth new facts, or simply a leisure backpacker, this book will be your ultimate tourism information guide. Whether you want to understand the reason behind the rhinoceros horns being so prized and precious, or the history behind the famous Kamakhya temple in Assam, this book is sure to enlighten you and provide you with genuine answers to many of your unanswered questions.

Dr. Kanak Chandra Baruah, PhD, is an award-winning forensic scientist widely known and respected across the country. His love for nature can be traced back to his childhood as he grew up amid the beautiful rice fields and tea plantations in a small village called Jhanji in the Sibsagar district of Assam. He pursued his higher studies from Gauhati University and later went on to be the founder Director of Forensic Science Laboratory, Meghalaya. It is during his long working tenure in Shillong that he got the opportunity to visit different places around the state and the North East region which he talks about in this book. His hobbies include composing poetry, writing non-fiction, and photography.



Eimear Traveller's Guide





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