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Author Name: Dr. C.H. Basappanavar | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Outdoors & Nature | Other Details

Why elephant is known as, “The Lady Boss”? The Indian elephant Elephas maximus, the matriarchal society is led by the wisest and eldest female of the family/herd. Here, the matriarch is the boss. Being hub of the family, she not only performs the usual maternal tasks, but also protects the family with extreme efficiency from poten­tial enemies, apart from guiding the family to safety in times of crises. The matriarch keeps male suitors at a trunk’s distance, only allowing them to join the herd when their presence is felt necessary to service the females in oestrus. Her long memory over fifty years experiences, among others, help in leading the family to introduce potential feeding grounds, waterholes, natural springs and salt licks within her domain ranging over 50 or more km2. The matriarchal family remains united and truly stable to enable to wage war against adversaries and enemies. With prowess and devotion to her kin, the ‘gentle giant’ remains the unques­tionable authority. She acts like a lady and thinks like a boss! Hence the book, “ELEPHANT-THE LADY BOSS”. 

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Dr. C.H. Basappanavar

It is believed by human society, “Raised trunk in elephant, showers fortune and wisdom”. So far as, Basappanavar is concerned, he does not know, if he was blessed with fortune, but he did know for sure, wisdom favoured him in writing books of this nature. Having worked as Field Director, Project Tiger, Bandipur National Park, for more than 5 years, he often came across large elephant herds/magnificent tuskers, while they enjoyed dip-shower or feeding on grass or bamboo brakes.  He spent most of his time in making friends with different herds and observed their social interactions- feeding, breeding, play-fights of youngsters. The Matriarch of a herd or lone tusker tolerated his presence, while he kept expressing his love and affection towards them. Elephants, according to Basappanavar, are the most intelligent pachyderms to study human psychology. Even they tolerated the metallic sound of clicking his camera, during his photographic sojourn. The narrations in the book are his personal observations and study on elephants and their social behavior, including the results of his research on, “Interaction between vegetation and elephants, with special reference to Bandipur and Nagarahole National Parks”.