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Embracing Learning

by Kalpana Venugopal

Format: Paperback

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About the Book

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Holistic education aims to instill in human beings a global conscience coupled with a vision of love and intelligence for the restoration of a peaceful & purposeful life on the planet. Holistic education with its roots firm in perennial philosophy brings in a new perspective of educational design that is integrated, ecological, and learner-centered. It seeks to cater to the emotional, intellectual, physical, social, aesthetic and spiritual needs of all its stakeholders. The mission of holistic education is to educate people to live responsibly in a sustainable culture. Holistic curriculum is integrated, substantive, provocative, and genuinely relevant to the concerns and needs of students.

This book provides a creative exploration of the emergent holistic education, which brings together various disciplines of human knowledge, expression, and contemplation. It lays out principles of holistic education in a lucid manner, explaining its basic concepts, and core tenets. It is a book that can make a real difference in any school or classroom and more certainly in the lives of students of any age. It provides for teachers the impetus to engage more meaningfully in students’ learning. This book is an endeavor to help put joy, excitement, and challenge back in teaching and learning.

Kalpana Venugopal invites readers to explore holistic learning environments that respect children’s authentic identity, discover their potentials, and nourish their fullest development through sustained engagement and joyful collaboration.



Embracing Learning





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