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End of Stories A Masonic Fiction

Author Name: Darshika Morey & Kamu Pillai | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

The "End of Stories" not only portrays tales of life but also an ordeal. 

When we refute the tale, it interprets us. When we accept the anecdote we can write a brave new climax.

Life's but a walking shadow & a poor player but itself has the most wonderful recalls too.

Everyone has a story to tell maybe many are all about you; many people think excitement is happiness but when you are excited you are not peaceful. True happiness is all within you & in a truce.

No matter what we whisper or yell we do live in a fictional world.

May it be a pleased ending or a sad one your life is your story. Jot down nicely and edit often.

This Anthology constitutes 20 beautiful stories by twenty different writers including the one who compiled it.

Also, enlists the aesthetic value. Here the authors depict the beauty of life and focus on the poetic deliverance of the protagonist.

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Darshika Morey & Kamu Pillai

Darshika from Nagpur, Maharashtra is an ambivert girl. She usually writes about love, broken heart, healing, self-love which mainly inspires, tells a story about life and spread colours of vivid emotions in the air. She is a co-author in more than 25 Anthologies, compiled many of her own and still many in process. She loves to paint the canvas of paper with her colourful words. She is also the founder & Manager of Solaced Pentales Community, @solaced_pentales on Instagram which also help budding writers publish their solo books & compiled books.

You can take a look at her poems, quotes, micro tales and books on Instagram by visiting @buddingsolace or by typing ‘Darshika Morey’ or ‘Darshika Morey Books’ in Google search box.

Annakamu Pillai is best known by her stage name Kamu Pillai is an eminent writer, a resident of Gujarat (Vapi) and as well a native of Tamil Nadu (Thirupuvanam). She is a feminist, an adventurous person. She loves to exhume new things in her daily life and has traveled to many niches. She is also a "fiction writer best known for love stories and aesthetic poetry. Individually, an ecstatic person and have a simple resemblance to her life. She is a writer by day and a reader by night. She has co-authored 10+ Anthologies along with international ones. Now working for her debut book. She usually writes to inspire people, to motivate them, and give them a reason to live life to the fullest so that they can find peace in chaos;

Being optimistic she surmises-

"No matter what they teach us,

What we are up to that matters".