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Endurance The Survivor

Author Name: Lancy Chopra | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Ever remember the past while sitting in the examination hall? Have you ever noticed that new ideas are either manifest in the bathroom or during exam time? Well! While sitting in the examination hall, I have sketched my plans countless times. Yet, those plans got changed several eras of it before exiting the examination hall.

The endurance word is self-vestige, the power of patience. This piece of fiction is not claiming any religion, gender and authenticity. This work is only impersonating how a person could fight from its circumstances.Join me and live 'You in my words.Some narratives are curtly short but are worth telling and knowing. She determines how time teaches and how to learn from it. ENDURANCE: The Survival is a story of a  courageous girl who chooses her life beyond death. She overcomes her fears and consternation after witnessing the disaster all nearby her life. Leela is a small girl who formerly lived in beautiful icy valleys of Kashmir. She, the survivor who breathed in the chill ice weather out for two days without any sources. And finally, meets a happy changing her life and she comprehends her new identity. She teaches the correct definition of Patience and Endurance.

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Lancy Chopra

 Lancy Chopra a poet, writer and the author of the novel The Roots Of Anderson Mansion. She is a certified author in remarkable anthologies;  "La Reine", "Democracy In India", "The Fake society", "Colossal Thoughts", and "Dairy- 2021". You can also find her on her youtube channel, "thehomelycurls".       
Lancy has spent the last decade reading and writing fiction novels giving her characters palpable spark, morals and strength-of mind games.