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Ethereal Intrigue

Author Name: Rewati Kant Pathak | Format: Paperback | Genre : Others | Other Details

Life is mortal, no doubt, but the pleasure is immortal. Before the birth of life, there is no accurate location of its state of holding. After death does it absolutely die or does its remaining parts do some mysterious happenings in the infinite sky? What is the justification of birth and death of life? Is there some authority or command post to handle all such phenomenology? Air, light, smell, sorrows, pleasure, and innumerable things are invisible, but our organs perceive and discern it qualitatively. 
It was so arduous and fathomless that different religions and sects were formed to unravel the secret nature of Brahmanda (Universe). All religions and sects have self-possession and belief in the visibility of gods, heavens, and hells.

Therefore, in this book, the author takes the reader on a journey to the Ethereal world to unravel the secret nature of Brahmanda (The Universe), through divergent modus-operandi mentioned in Vedas & and Puranas. 
The joyous pilgrimage taken by the characters of this fiction accorded multiple episodes to them for getting over hallucinations related to Hindu Sanskriti, arya-anarya, evolution of Brahmanda, Atma-Parmatma (Supergod), Purush- Prakriti, cause and action policy, hell and heaven, Vaidik and other religion etc.

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Rewati Kant Pathak

Rewati Kant Pathak, a luminary in the realm of Hindi literature, is a name that resonates deeply with spiritual seekers and literary enthusiasts alike. With an unwavering commitment to unraveling the mysteries of the human spirit and exploring the profound realms of spirituality, Rewati Kant has carved a niche for himself as a prolific author whose works transcend mere words, touching the very essence of the soul.

Born in the spiritual family of Pandits of the Mithila region, Rewati Kant’s early life was steeped in the rich tapestry of Hindu philosophy and spirituality. This upbringing laid the foundation for his deep-rooted passion for the exploration of the metaphysical and the transcendental. It was here, amidst the wise pandits, that his spiritual journey began, a journey that would later become the cornerstone of his literary endeavors.

Pathak's literary voyage commenced with an earnest quest to articulate the profound insights he gained through meditation and self-discovery. 

His earlier publication “Vaidik Dharm ke Sarvashreshta Uddharak – Udyanacharya”, has been hailed as a modern spiritual classic, published by Mithila Sanskrit Sodh Sansthan, Darbhanga. It has offered readers an understanding of a difficult Vedic philosophy in both prose & poetry format. 

Whereas, “Ethereal Intrigue”, written in English eloquently captured the essence of the soul's journey through a simple story, striking a chord with readers seeking solace and enlightenment by knowing the physical world & ethereal worlds mentioned in the Vedic philosophy.

As his literary odyssey continued, Rewati Kant Pathak penned a series of books, including, "Saat Samundar Aar Paar" (Across the Seven Seas), “Laal Bhauji” “Ethereal Intrigue” and “Vaidik Dharm ke Sarvashreshta Uddharak – Udyanacharya”.

Other publications in the pipeline are “Rail-Doot”, “Smritiyaan” and “Naari Kabhi Na Abla Hoti”.

Beyond his literary prowess, Rewati Kant is a practicing lawyer at Patna High Court



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