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Faking Reality No More

Author Name: Manoj Mahendru | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

In "Faking Reality No More," Manoj Mahendru urges you to step off the societal stage and unmask the charade of existence. This compelling sequel, akin to shedding autumn leaves of pretension, urges you to strip bare and dance with the unadorned truth. Imagine a masquerade ball of existence; Mahendru provides you the courage to rip off your veneer and let the contours of your soul shine under the bright lights of truth. As a compass guiding you through a maze of authenticity, Mahendru's sequel raises crucial questions, challenging you to sever the marionette strings of illusion. Are you a mere shadow or the illuminating light? A charade keeper or a truth seeker? This profound journey marries philosophy and practical wisdom, encouraging you to awaken to your raw, untainted self. More than a book, it's a prism, separating the greyness of societal expectations to reveal your true colors. It invites you to step into the glaring spotlight of truth, dissolving the facade, and greeting the naked truth. As a beacon in the obscurity of delusion, "Faking Reality No More" beckons you towards self-liberation. So, are you prepared for the encore of your authentic life? The Naked Truth is eager to meet you.

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Manoj Mahendru

In "Faking Reality No More," Manoj Mahendru, renowned educator and spiritual explorer, uncorks a cerebral libation for those parched by the thirst for truth. Originating from an academic brook, his truth-seeking river has swelled, merging with the vast oceans of spirituality. The mesmerizing transformation is narrated like a verse from a life's epic, his experiences crafting an eclectic perspective on existence.

Mahendru, an erstwhile scholar, has evolved into a career counselor, a noble miner of truth amidst student's aspirations, ambitions, and apprehensions. His blog, a compendium of divine wisdom intertwined with earthly rationale, has gained a dedicated congregation.

His literary foray began with "Faking Spirituality No More," a testament to his metamorphosis under the watchful eyes of YogMartand SatGurunath Siddhanath. Now, he serves as a beacon, guiding others through the stormy seas of spiritual pursuit.

His latest oeuvre, "Faking Reality No More," ventures deeper into life's profound labyrinth, defiantly shredding the veil of societal norms and materialistic desires to reveal the sublime reality. His words, etched with the essence of both palpable and transcendental facets of life, sketch a rich tapestry of human existence.

Mahendru's artistry, palpable in his prose and visual poetry, intends to inspire, prompt reflection, and facilitate your odyssey towards life's most elusive - the Truth.



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