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Author Name: Ginni Puniyani And Akhil Gupta | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

Feminism is all about the female gender, to be given equal rights and opportunities as given to male gender.

It was never a man v/s woman debate, but recognising the fact that both men and women should get equal opportunities in life. In-fact many great personalities believe that society, where woman are dishonoured is bound to see a doomsday soon. A woman is a pandora box of virtues and values. She is a spring of love, compassion, positivity and patience and also, she is an avatar of Maa Durga.

She must not be treated as a toy in hands of men. The entire point of feminism is to lift women up, to the same level as men, which is currently a higher social and economical tier.

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Ginni Puniyani And Akhil Gupta

 Ginni Puniyani, born in New Delhi, India, is doing her graduation in B.Sc. Home Science from Institute Of Home Economics, Delhi.  From her childhood, she started to develop an interest in poetry and writing and hence started writing for her School Magazine. She considers her thoughts as her best friend and loves to express them through writing.  She has already worked in 'Pen Brew'   and  'An Awaiting Soul' anthology as a writer. She loves to travel and to interact with different people and by interacting many women across the country she came to know about the inequalities in different forms which the women of our country face.  Through her works of fiction and poetry, she wants to highlight the plight of women or societal inequalities that women struggle against. You can contact her through Instagram: @adhure_alfaz1.

लोग अक्सर मुझसे पूछते है कि वजह क्या है लिखने कि और मेरा जवाब है कि लोगो की भावनाओं को हम कभी- कभी बयां नहीं कर पाते तो इससे अच्छा है। उन्हें शब्दों से बयां कर दो,कभी-कभी हम किसी को कितना कहना चाहते पर कह नहीं पाते तो बस लिखकर एक सुकून मिलता है कि उसको न सही इन पन्नों में तो कह पाया। मेरा बस ये सफर रहा है कुछ यूँ लिखने का बस कोशिश करूँगा इसी तरह लिखता रहूं और आप लोगो से रूबरू होता रहूं।खुश रहिये और खुश रखिये और याद जरूर कीजिये इन शब्दों की कहानी को....