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Finding God With Spirituality How To Maintain Your Spiritual Resolution

Author Name: Surajit Roy | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

True happiness is when one is completely at peace mentally and physically in the spiritually fulfilled self. Being able to find contentment anywhere, anytime and in anything is true happiness and spiritual fulfillment.  

To live spiritually fulfilled there are certain guidelines or recommendations one can follow. Here are some of them: 

Realizing that one’s life has a higher purpose and that just achieving material goals for short term comforts is understanding that there is more to life than just these tangible things that bring temporal happiness and no lasting spiritual contentment.  

This brings on the understanding that each individual has a reason and purpose to be on this earth and finding that purpose should be the focal point of life. 

Spiritual fulfillment is finding the bliss in life. The thing that brings the most happiness to the individual and keeps it constant in the cycle of everyday life. 

Love life and love the path taken in life. Even if circumstances do not allow one to love every aspect of the task at hand, looking at it with a positive mindset allows the mind to change the thought process from negative to positive, thus successfully transcending the feeling of love and peace which in turn evolves into spiritual fulfillment. 

In growing and expanding both mentally and in terms of capabilities the feeling of boredom or annoyance will be kept at bay. Deriving pleasure from this willingness to explore also brings the feeling of spiritual fulfillment.

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Surajit Roy

Surajit Roy is the grew in Contai, West Bengal, India. He compleate his post graduate in literature from Vidyasagar University and has more than twenty years of research and analysis experience working with 5 companies to solve their most important behavior challenges. Surajit lives in Delhi, India with his wife and family.