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Flourish Infinitely Lord Krishna's Mantra for Success Decoded

Author Name: Rakhi Kapoor | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Nonfiction | Other Details


Who on earth has an easy life? Who has not experienced heartache? Each one of us has dreams and ambitions. Nobody has ever achieved their goals in the first attempt!

A human being is the total of all the choices he makes in the given circumstances. A journey from rags to riches is challenging but inspiring too. No one is born an achiever; legends are a miracle in the making through time. No success stories are created at the snap of a finger.

Krishna has been the coolest superhero since the beginning of time. The all-prevailing Divine in the human form. He was a lover, a brother, a son, a king, a warrior, an ordinary cowherd boy and a charioteer. He fit into various roles. His fingers worked magic on the flute; he also handled powerful weapons on the battlefield. Life never ceased to challenge him; he chose to overcome them as if it was a game.

Shattered by the various challenges in his life and on the verge of giving up, Paarth meets Krishna in the airport when his flight gets delayed.

Krishna shares with Paarth, timeless skills and novel methods to increase productivity and efficiency in all walks of life. Krishna consciousness is nothing but a message embedded deep in our DNA; it is up to us to decode it. Discover how, by realizing the Krishna consciousness relevant in the modern times, Paarth sets course to discovering his greatest potential and calling in life.



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Rakhi Kapoor

Rakhi Kapoor is a qualified physiotherapist who has been counselling expecting couples for decades. Her book Expecting Daddy Delivers is a unique book on pregnancy for expecting couples.

Rakhi found herself heartbroken and devastated, wandering alone in the mountains of Nepal having failed to accomplish a challenge that she had set for herself. Blessings indeed come disguised. She turned her failure into an opportunity to become an author with her first book, The Girl Who Was Left Behind. She continues to trek tougher mountains, discovering her potential and writing many more inspiring books.

Between setting a new challenge for herself and overcoming it, she celebrates life, love and relationships with all the expecting couples she interacts with. She believes that every challenge in life gives us an opportunity to grow in our own eyes and find love in another’s heart.




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