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Following a Butterfly on a Busy Day

Author Name: S. Ananda Kumar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

‘Regret is always tactless and irrefutable. After a productive day, we somehow seem to emphasize its negative connotations. One of the various reasons
behind such comportment is because we are forced to adapt a lifestyle that promises happiness to which self-loathing alone acts as its alibi. But happiness is a matter of perspective.’

The book starts off with a philosophical twist by incorporating regret, happiness, lifestyle, self-loathing and perspective. The author goes through these philosophical terms in a very enterprising manner. A compil romance intertwined with comedy. Musings of a child from a dysfunctional family, thought process of an adolescent in a judgmental society, jealously coupled with a wrong sense of power and equality, a funny take on corrupt governments and people’s idiotic beliefs and the significance of our actions on the planet’s future are all the entities this book has to offer.

A sound judgment and an open minded outlook on life would serve best reading this book. What each one needs to take heed is the possibility of them being one of the characters in the book however the book being entirely fictitious. Take time off your ‘busy’ schedule to rethink the life you have been living and does it have a ‘purpose’ attached to it. Think and ascertain whether you are one among the many who are following-a-butterfly-on-a-busy-day or not.

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S. Ananda Kumar

S. Ananda Kumar: dentist, movie enthusiast, amateur writer, social worker… Unlike other personalities with a complex about not reaching out for things at the right time and regretting for the rest of their lives for the profession that they chose and which now feeds them with an identity, he wished to pursue his passion and toiled to strike a balance with his professional life, at any cost. After completing his under graduation, he made it a point in making the best out of his leisure and his first short film named ‘Kelvigal kudathu’ and his novel served as his portfolio. During his college days, he was known for being different from the others. The kind which threw many people off gear, but he always stayed true to his principles. 

Born and bred in Chennai, he is an ardent enthusiast of fine arts and free spirited ideologies. His favourite past-time would be to watch movies and analyse them, spend time with his friends and conduct free public health camps.



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