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Goal To Success Step by Step Guide to Help You Identify Your Goal, Methods to Achieve Your Goal Faster, and Lead Your Way to Success, Irrespective of Your Age and Profession

Author Name: Poonam Bhatt | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

Often, it happens that, even after working very hard, you are not able to achieve great results for yourself. It is like getting stuck in a work loop (where you work hard) but not getting the desired result.

You lack clarity on what you are running after. So you do one thing one day and the other thing the next day. There is no consistency in your efforts.

This short guide on goal setting can help you do that with ease. It is of less than 120 pages, written in story narration and can be read in an hour or two.

It can help you: 

1. Define your goal so that you can have clarity on what you want and what you will chase. This means there are no random efforts, not stuck in a work loop, and great results for yourself in any goal you set for yourself.

2. Set a goal in a strategic way, so that you will have a proper plan of action to work towards your goal. This means your goals are not just mere imaginations but backed by actions and you will be able to reach near to your success day by day and step by step.

3. It can provide you with the necessary strategies and methods to achieve your goal faster, with consistency and without distraction. This means in this mission you will be armed with proper tools to move forward. That can boost your goal journey and you can be sure of achieving every goal you set for yourself in future.

Grab it now and make your all dreams a reality with ease!

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Poonam Bhatt

Poonam Bhatt is an avid non-fiction reader. She used to work in the IT industry for a decade. Now she is pursuing her passion for writing. She lives in Maharashtra, India. You can read her blog online at

She also writes on Quora (, Medium (, and LinkedIn (



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