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Green Blood

Author Name: Buddy Ankit | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Private Investigator Anup Dhawan is contacted by Dr. Nath before his death. Anup begins to investigate the murder with help of his ally Inspector Shah and uncovers a conspiracy around an illegal experiment which turns humans into live weapons and posess a threat to the mankind. 

Things get worse when an anarchist begins to use the experiment to create a reign of terror among the citizens. Anup discovers that the man he is trying to catch belongs to a secret society which was assumed to have been taken down by him years ago in an operation. 

Anup's identity is also questioned when murders a corrupt official who was involved in a trafficking ring and gets trapped in a major conspiracy.

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Buddy Ankit

'Buddy Ankit' is the author name of Ankit Singh who writes thriller novellas and short stories. Ankit is currently pursuing his studies and has a vision to become an established fiction writer.