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Grief An Unpleasant Journey

Author Name: Akanksha Rastogi | Format: Paperback | Genre : Families & Relationships | Other Details

How does the unexpected shock start a new but rough journey of depression, helplessness, and hopelessness? How one feels captivated in a never-ending storm of such discomforting feelings? What type of external supports or comments actually soothe in such instances and what ends up hurting even more? Why do most of the people struggling with such emotions prefer to be socially isolated? Why and how do the gradual feelings of acceptance get wiped away putting back the grieving person from where they started? Is there a way to stop the cycling of these emotions back and forth? Why do some people seem to cope up easily while some find it very difficult? Can everlasting acceptance be achieved? Or will the grief leave its imprints for a lifetime? There are endless questions without a definitive answer. This book discusses the emotional turmoil of a grieving person based on the author’s personal experience. This book aims to provide support not just to grievers but also to their friends and family by helping them understand the thoughts of a grieving mind and how to soothe it.

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Akanksha Rastogi

Akanksha Rastogi is an author and blogger by passion and engineer by profession. Akanksha’s writing is an amalgamation of her deep observations and outlandish creativity. Deeply inspired by her mother, Abha Rastogi, Akanksha has considered the world of words as the most powerful tool for the expression of thoughts and emotions. Akanksha owes a special place for her family, friends, and acquaintances who consistently help her in framing a new dimension of thinking. She loves to stay connected with her cross-cultural friends. She is of the opinion that each one of us faces highs and lows of life and social interactions enable us to perceive the circumstances from different angles. Her non-fiction work is an outcome of several insights into her own life and those derived from the environment and people around her.



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