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Gulami Ki Kahani 1757 Se 1857 Tak Ka Rochak Sach

Author Name: Suresh Patwa | Format: Paperback | Genre : History & Politics | Other Details

This book is a treatise on those Hundred years (1757_1857)  of struggle which bear testimony to the acts/stories of heroism , diplomacy, deception, treason, treaties, romanticism, and thrilling gallantry of Moguls, Marathas, Sikhs, Britishers, and innumerable Indians. This book is novel-like treatment of history devoid of its onerous and brooding connection with periods, dates. History of those Hundred Years is scattered and convoluted in numerous books and other forms of literature. Profound study and research has gone in making of this book penned in Hindi in a lucid manner, which would be of interest to those vivacious readers who are excited to peep into the history and would be of equal importance to those taking competitive examinations in Hindi medium opting Modern History as one of the electives.

Slavery, as an institution, has evolved from primeval period to Middle Ages and is still surviving in one form or the other.Curious readers would find an answer in the book as to why India became slave? So that lessons can be learnt from history and such mistakes do not get repeated. There is saying , those who are unaware of history are damned to commit such blunders again and again.

Slavery is the biggest curse to humanity. Those who are inflicting slavery and those succumbing to it, both are villains. This book is depiction of such villains.

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Suresh Patwa

Suresh Patwa has been studying History, particularly that part of History which deals with enslavement of India..He has to explore  umpteen books  for the purpose. With this perspective in mind, he has  tried his hand so as to make available at one place, the actions from debacle of Sirajuddaula at  the hands of Lord Clive in 1757 at Plassey to  capture of Zaffar by Hodsun in 1857, in exactly the same manner in which these  events have actually occurred. He could attain that outlook only after studying the specifics of history pertaining to Marathas, Moguls,Sikhs and Britishers for whole  five years under the able direction of friend, philosopher and guide ShriKrishna Shrivastava  who is an adroit historian.

The book also incorporates the declassified information which came to the fore later. Special care has been accorded so as to ensure the objectivity in narration and avoid perspective from the angle of winner. It also unburdens itself from the mindset of communists or nationalists



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