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Handbook for Technical Auditors of the Construction Industry

Author Name: A L M Ameer | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details
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A L M Ameer

The Author has over 40 years of experience in the construction field exposed to Contractors, Consultants, Clients and teaching environments. His special interest is Construction Auditing and he has done various researches, submitted articles to construction magazines and presented research papers at international conferences. His personal opinion is that the Construction Cost professional Institutions and the Professionals at large have completely ignored the field of construction auditing for a long time. The governments’ construction expenditure, which now involve a significant portion of the budget of many countries mandated to be audited as check & balance. This government construction auditing exercise is still carried out by Financial Institutions under the name of Performance Auditing. The lack of interest by the Cost Construction professional Institutions resulted in the continuation of Performance Auditing by Financial Accountants. Construction at present is huge, complicated, involving different entities with various Contractual arrangements. The Financial Accountants do not have the sufficient skill to audit construction in the present environment and the results are plain to see. The loss owing to Frauds in government double (internal & external) audited construction has reached upwards of US $ 4 Trillion per year according to Transparency International. That is US $ 1.50 per head per day of the entire world population. This is an affront to the 21 century as more than a Billion people live below US $ 1.25 per day. The immediate requirement is a Post- Graduate course on Construction Auditing, Construction Auditing standards and a union for such auditors.

The author hopes that this book will serve some purpose in that long exercise. The book can also be helpful to practicing construction professionals and students following construction related courses.

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