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Happy Depatures Towards Significant Life

Author Name: Arvind Agrawal | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

Researchers in psychology and medicine frequently stumble upon positive and incredible influence on a client caused by near-death experience and cognizance of inter-life. Such observations made by professional practitioners are fast getting organised as a ‘new knowledge’ about how a person transforms from within; and as an ‘insight’ about utility of life.

This book presents such conclusive findings in a way that can guide everyone; young and old alike, to easily acquire and execute this new knowledge about personal transformation and utility of life.

This knowledge can be greatly helpful to judiciously review one’s default responses and to re-arrange key decisions so as to live a 'significant life' with pace, peace, poise and purpose.

We almost know how to manage stress; it’s time now to learn how to manage fear!


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Arvind Agrawal

Arvind Agrawal (Ph. D, MBA) is a social entrepreneur, self-awareness coach, and an academician. He has been probing a simple question for many years: When most of us seem to be intelligent, ambitious and smart, why do our levels of accomplishments and contentment vary? His areas of interest are human development and business. Arvind advocates the cause of and need for non-formal, experiential and lifelong learning.