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Author Name: Khushi Goel | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Fiction | Other Details

No time to dawdle + Five mean girls × Mega Mystery = AN EPIC, UNFORGETTABLE ADVENTURE!

After Hazel Halley’s rather adventurous summer, she finally goes back to her second home, Starway Academy. Hazel and her gang have fun that year, with the Halloween Ball and Christmas Celebrations, but they all end up to be a mushed-up mess. Something has gone terribly wrong, as disaster by disaster takes place; and it’s up to Hazel to stop it. Something must be done before the world is destroyed. They don’t realise that their world is changing and perhaps, it might be too late to save the day…

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Khushi Goel

A self-motivated girl pulling her own strings, Khushi Goel's third book adds another feather to her cap. At the young age of twelve, she is an avid reader and has a strong inclination of writing. Her flair and creativity in collecting inspiration from her surroundings have captured many minds and hearts of the world. Bronze Award winner of the Commonwealth Essay Competition London, 2022, she started writing at the tender age of five and loves to write stories and illustrate them with her vivid sketches. Her journey in writing this series started during the pandemic, which was a 'blessing in disguise’. Khushi pens down thoughts popping in her creative mind in a pocket diary. There is no greater pleasure for her than to rush to the bookstore and select new books. Her debut book, The Bunny Who Cooked Macaroni, as well as her second book, Hazel Halley and the Comet of Ice, have inspired many others to write.

Her third book, Hazel Halley and the Planet of Rings, which is novel based on science fiction, is one of her masterpieces which gives us an insight into the imagination of a child. This is just the second book in her space adventure series.



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