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Heal Thy World

Author Name: DR PK SASIDHARAN | Format: Paperback | Genre : Business, Investing & Management | Other Details

This book ‘Heal-Thy World’, a manifesto for ‘Individual Health’, ‘Social Health’ ‘Healthy India’, ‘Healthy World’ and ‘ONE HEALTH’, contains untold secrets of health care for doctors, health care professionals, policymakers and public health activists. 

The author has a dream for the world. According to him, health cannot be achieved or maintained in compartments, neither in a body, nor in any single society alone. Social health is becoming a neglected orphan in countries like India, mostly as an outcome of neglected primary health care. Health care is NOT only disease care. Diseases are multiplying disproportionately as compared to population growth, and the lack of proper human development and social security are the key issues that are leading to this unprecedented rise. Healthy individuals in a society reflect proper social security and human development in that society. 
Lack of prioritization and poor distribution of wealth and human resources are seen everywhere. Promotion of health and wellness and cost effective disease care is optimally possible only with trained family doctors. Medical education should focus on bringing out more of them to help control the spread of disease and to promote health and wellness. Additionally, medical research should focus on the social aspects of health and wellness and not just on drug trials and technology alone. 

The human species might be extinct if we do not make changes soon. Action plans are needed to build a healthy world, and democratic socialism may be the viable solution. This book also discusses the points needed to design a health policy that will benefit society at large.

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PK Sasidharan, known to his students as PKS, is a Professor of Medicine, and the former Head of Department of Internal Medicine at Calicut Medical College. He had a brilliant academic background, being the best outgoing student for MBBS from the University of Calicut. He obtained his post-graduate training in internal medicine from the prestigious PGI Chandigarh, and is now one of its noted alumni. He decided to stick to internal medicine by choice, to avoid losing his clinical skill and a holistic person-centred approach. He has four decades of clinical experience and thirty-eight years of teaching experience. He is known as an outstanding teacher, who has inspired countless undergraduate and post-graduate trainees. Moreover, he had a unique clinical practice while working at Calicut Medical College, which is a 3500-bed hospital, probably the largest in Asia, where he headed a large internal medicine department, with twenty-five faculties, six medical units with four hundred beds dealing with all varieties of clinical problems and also looked after the Hematology section. He has not only been helping the patients he sees, but also the doctors in the periphery, to improve their clinical skills. The insight he has gained on the social aspects of health through his involvement with doctors and patients from all social strata, the information gathered from his travel to several countries, and his interaction with the people and doctors there, has all helped him get a better insight into changing health care. Since health cannot be achieved or maintained in compartments, he is now on a mission to publish a manifesto on individual health, social health, global health and ONE HEALTH, which is needed to change the global health care scenario.



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