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Healthy living Key health messages

by Dr Prasad Kulkarni

Format: Paperback

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This book provides readers with key messages on healthy living. These messages cover a wide range of topics including hygiene, sanitation, diet, exercise, healthy habits, mental health, women’s health, child care, infection prevention, genetic disorders, old age disorders, etc. The book attempts to create awareness about the simple facts that are responsible for a lot of suffering. Knowledge about these factors can be of great help to aid you to lead a healthy life.

Dr Prasad Kulkarni is a medical doctor with specialization in clinical pharmacology. While working in a medical college and then in a company for over 15 years, he has gained extensive experience in medical teaching, medical advice and clinical research on various medicines of great public health importance. His research has given him great insights into preventive medicine. He has published several papers in international medical journals, written book chapters, presented posters in international conferences and delivered several lectures in various conferences. He has been a faculty member at many workshops and seminars. He is also an associate editor of a medical journal published from USA.



Healthy living





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