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Heaven and Hell Within - Part II Karmic Personality Development

by Himanshu Shangari

Format: Paperback

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Continuing from the first part, this part covers major negative habits like, Being too Possessive, Lack of Concentration, Too many Grudges, Lack of Trust and more habits like them. All the habits have been explained in details, supplied with many real life examples so that everyone may understand the topics easily. How we develop these habits, how we promote them, how they harm us, what are the signs we may have them and what are easy but effective remedies to get rid of these habits, all this has been covered in details.

Himanshu Shangari is a Vedic Astrologer and Personality Developer and he's been doing intensive research in both these fields for many years. Such are his abilities, that even though his name has appeared on the horizon of both these fields just a few years ago, within a short period of time, he has astonished a great number of his clients, readers, and professionals dealing in the same spheres with his vast knowledge, true wisdom and perfect logics. His explanations on various topics are so logical that you will have no choice left but to agree with him in most cases. His unique style of writing and speaking incorporates a great number of examples from real life, which make even the most difficult topics easy to understand.

His previous book 'Heaven and Hell Within' has attracted such good response that a great number of readers have congratulated him personally, for bringing such an easy to understand, effective and impactful book to their lives. Such is the impact of this man with great knowledge and with even greater humbleness, who always gives all the credit of his knowledge and research to his Ishta Dev, Lord Shiva. In his own words, he is often heard saying, "It is only the grace and blessing of Lord Shiva that I have been blessed with this much knowledge, and I deserve no credit for this knowledge. Lord Shiva has chosen me to serve humanity through this knowledge and I try my best to come up to the expectations of Lord Shiva, and that's all there is to it."

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Heaven and Hell Within - Part II





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