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History of Indian Food

Author Name: Dr. Anshumali Pandey | Format: Paperback | Genre : History & Politics | Other Details

Food has also been a guiding force in national integration. Spices cultivated in south India are an integral part of Kashmiri cuisine up-north while the saffron produced in Kashmir gets used in south Indian delicacies. Food indeed is a unifying force. 

India has a glorious tradition of healthy food. People in India have always respected food and this can be seen even today. In Indian tradition, food is placed next to God and that is the reason why food forms a main part of ceremonies and religious celebrations. Indian food is born from the concept of Ayurveda. Ayurveda comprises two word—ayus, meaning life and Vedas, study or knowledge; hence Ayurveda means knowledge of life, which begins from the basic ingredient ‘food’. Indian cuisine is ancient, steeped in tradition and an amalgam of different ethnic influences. It is multidimensional, diverse and a colourful cuisine with a repertoire of recipes that is virtually unmatched globally.

Indian cuisine is a reflection of the heritage of its people and the influences of historical and cultural developments. India has welcomed a multitude of settlers with a variety of belief systems. For more than two millennia, India has witnessed various foreign invasions, from Greeks to Arabs and Turks to Mughals, Portuguese, French and British. This history, tourism, trade, fiscal policies, globalization, and the ever increasing population with young demographics have all led to major foreign exposure. 

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Dr. Anshumali Pandey

Dr. Anshumali Pandey is a renowned & reliable name in the field of Education, Hospitality, Tourism and Tribal Food. He is a Teacher and Chef by profession, and also an Author, a Business Auditor, and an avid culinary traveller to the Indian Sub continental hinterlands. Dr. Anshumali Pandey is a Hospitality Educator (PhD) who specialises in Higher Education, Office Administration, Pay roll, HR, Labour Laws, Audit, and Procurement & Tender Process. He is an Author with 66 Publications consisting of 48 Books and 3 short stories.

His contribution and research in the field of Tribal Food, Tribal Tourism, Forest Tourism and Village Tourism in the form of research papers have brought several laurels to him. In 2018 the Ministry of Tourism, Govt of Indian duly recognised all this and awarded him with a National Appreciation certificate and memento.  

The books written by Dr Anshumali Pandey are essentially a banquet arising from an experience of over 25 years of Professional life and have boiled down to crisp and accurate writing on his favourite subjects. Hospitality Sector champion requires to be a specialist in many fields and Dr Pandey is one of them. His knowledge is evident from the spectrum of subjects which he has chosen for his books so far, which ranges from being a specialist chef, to Master of Human resources, to Education and to love for children, and topped with Spirituality. For more than two decades Dr Pandey has lived with his family in Western India in general and the Tribal belt of the union territory of Dadra & Nagar Haveli in particular. Most of his time is consumed in helping and understanding the Tribal and rural population of the region and writing scholarly articles and books on his vast area of interest. 



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