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History of Orissa (HINDU PERIOD)

Author Name: Krishna Chandra Panigrahi | Format: Hardcover | Genre : History & Politics | Other Details

An exhaustive, yet fascinating, account of the history of Odisha (earlier Orissa) from the prehistoric times to 1568 CE by synthesising authentic evidence from the original sources such as literary, epigraphic, numismatics, archaeological, historical, and travellers’ accounts in chronological order… First published in 1981, the book has undergone several editions and is widely acclaimed and ranks among the most authentic historical books on the history and culture of Odisha.

The book is divided into 19 chapters. The first—Introductory Chapter—explores the prehistoric period against the backdrop of the topographic setting of the region. Chapters 2 to 12 deal with the dynastic history of Odisha, while the remaining chapters, i.e., from 13 to 19 throw light on the vibrant cultural diversities of Odisha, especially the administrative organisations, socio-economic conditions, religious traditions, art and architecture, and colonial expansion. 

In addition, there are six elaborate appendices, where the author examines, dissects, and elucidates on various intriguing issues and old theories: situating the date of Kharavela; the accounts of Arab travellers; the historicity of the Madala Panji; and the research credibility of “Odia Mahabharat” by Sarala Dasa.

Each chapter contains references and a bibliography of selected works by other scholars who have worked in the field. The book provides a comprehensive index, and illustrations in the book outline the rich archaeological monuments and heritage of Odisha. 

This scholarly work connects the land ,culture and history of Odisha through the times past up until 1568 CE . It will  serve the needs of students of history and be a pleasurable reading to all those who love Indian art and culture.

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Krishna Chandra Panigrahi

Krishna Chandra Panigrahi (1909-1987), the author of the book, was a renowned historian, researcher, and scholar of eminence with a doctorate from Calcutta University. He taught in most of the contemporary universities of Odisha as a professor, and later as the UGC Professor Emeritus of history. Interspersed across his professional life as a teacher, was his 18-year long career as an archaeologist in the Archaeological Survey of India operating from Delhi, Patna, and Bhopal circles as Superintendent of Archaeology,  and also in the Odisha State Museum. He is remembered for his pioneering work on ceramics from Ahichhatra extractions in the annals of Indian archaeology. This rare combination of knowledge in history and archaeology has been immaculately utilised by the author to evaluate the authenticity of various historical facts and the result of this research is presented in this book, “History of Orissa”.

His other well-known works are – (1) Archaeological Remains at Bhubaneswar, (Orient Longman, 1961) and (2) Chronology of the Bhaumakaras and the Somavamsis of Orissa, (Madras Law Journal Press, 1961). He has to his credit several other books both in English and Odia. His autobiography in Odia, translated into English—Odisha of My Times—was published recently by Notion Press (2021). He was conferred several prestigious awards, including the Padma Shri in 1976, for his contributions in the field of literature and education. 



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