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How to be Successful at Interviews

Author Name: A.L.M. Ameer | Format: Paperback | Genre : Reference & Study Guides | Other Details

The Author is a Chartered Quantity Surveyor, Arbitrator and Certified Construction Auditor with over 40 years of experience in the construction field. He had the habit of working in the Middle East for a year, take a vacation for one year to rest with the family and then take another job. This cycle continued for about 20 years till he finally settled down in a prestigious Government establishment. This resulted in many interviews and some of the successful interview experiences, which are real, unique and first hand are given in this book.

In addition to his interview experiences, owing to the wide exposure to the construction industry, he is fully aware of the requirements that the Employers look in order to have a perfect or good fix. The Employers concerns such as

Why should we hire you?

What can you do for us that other candidates can’t?

What are your key strength and weakness?

are addressed in this book.

Facing Interview/s is a present day necessity to secure a job. Therefore this book should be in every home. The book can also serve as an ideal gift.

Other books by the author include:

How To Win and Manage Construction ProjectsIrregularities, Frauds and The Necessity of Technical Auditing in Construction Industry

Published by Authorhouse

Website: www.almameer.com


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A.L.M. Ameer

A.L.M.A.L.M.Ameer is a Chartered Quantity Surveyor, Arbitrator and certified Construction Auditor with exposure of all kinds of construction environments for over 40 years. He has a unique mixture, underwent a Technical Teachers Training Course and held a position teaching construction related Courses in addition to the vast experience in the construction field. He also has the unique experience both being successful at several interviews and conducting interviews for selection of personals for the construction industry. So much so, that on one occasion a failed interview candidate when presented with the possible answers to the question raised (He was asked to give 4 items of work and presented with 12 items of work for same),went on to suggest that there is a moral requirement to share the knowledge and experience with others. Construction loss owing to Frauds and other irregularities is his speciality. He has done lot of researches presented papers, and writing a book on the subject of “The necessity of Technical or Engineer Auditing in the construction industry”. He is of the opinion that it is a must as the Global construction loss owing to frauds in Government funded projects has reached upwards of US $ Four Trillion per year according to Transparency International, which is US $ 7.61 million per minute. Mr. Ameer is the ideal person to write a book regarding Interview success as owing to his knowledge and experience is in a position to understand the actual requirements of the Employers of the construction industry. This book should be in every home as a reference as everybody is compelled to go through this process in life to secure a job. Ameer