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How to Have Mind Blowing, Engaging & Energizing Meetings From Boring to Interesting and effective meetings using Radiant Thinking

Author Name: Maneesh Dutt | Format: Paperback | Genre : Business, Investing & Management | Other Details
Meetings, like friction, are a necessary evil for every organization. Commonly heard in organizations are comments like - “I love the sleep inducing effect of our meets” or “It is surely death by meetings for us” or “We need more action and not more meetings” or “Our meetings suck!” - and the list is endless. Even if you hate them, you cannot escape them in an organizational set up. Imagine, however, if you could literally transform your meetings to become more engaging, energizing and effective using the simple yet powerful and proven techniques of radiant and visual thinking via Mind Maps. Every meeting provides an opportunity to harness the unique creativity of participants as also the collective intelligence of the team. And an organization, which fails to do so is losing a golden opportunity to transform itself positively. Meetings fail or remain ineffective when individuals are unaware about simple brain friendly techniques to tap the full creative potential of the participants and this is where my Book offers to guide you. Using the simple steps indicated in the Book, backed by real life examples, you can transform your meetings around the following topics and more: • Goals setting • Decision making • Communication • Planning • Sales & marketing • Project management • Innovation This is a ready blueprint for you to usher in positive change in your organization.
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Maneesh Dutt

Maneesh is a Chemical engineer from IIT-D and an MBA by qualification. He is a Tony Buzan Licensed Instructor for Mind Maps and trained by the inventor of Mind Maps himself, Mr. Tony Buzan. After two decades of rich industry experience working in various senior corporate positions, Maneesh embarked on a journey to pursue his passion for Mind Mapping. A die-hard fan of Mind Maps, this is his fourth book around this life changing concept. The first book “Mind Maps for Effective Project Management” delved into the application of this amazing tool in the business world. In his second book, “Live Life Colourfully”, he has taken Mind Maps to another level by introducing the concept of Mind Map Mandala for self-help and development. His third book, “How to Help your child Focus & Concentrate”, is helping empower parents and teachers with tools for teaching better. All his books have reached the top 100 in the Amazon bestsellers list in their respective categories and evoked serious interest from large audiences across various fora. He has made it his mission to take Mind Maps to all interested and is a sought after consultant and trainer on the subjects of Mind Maps, Creativity, Innovation and Project Management. His subject is sector agnostic and as a result of which he as has a clients from across industries ranging from Pharmaceutical to Airlines to IT to Automotive etc. etc. He loves to express himself through his writings and has a wide variety of other interests, which include project management, writing poems, Reiki healing and numerology.


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