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I, Agatha Sushila Dias If I Can, Anybody Can

Author Name: Agatha Sushila Anthony Dias | Format: Paperback | Genre : Biographies & Autobiographies | Other Details

This is the story of a girl who struggled to survive. Her mother didn’t lose hope and tried to revive her health with the help of various health care systems.

The girl survived and the mother realised that she is specially chosen by God.

She was very close to nature. She spent a lot of time under the blue sky, sat by the lake near the green pastures along with her favorite goats, slept in open air under the night sky with stars twinkling and comforting her from above. Oh! What a childhood.

God’s call to transform one’s life and the lives of others makes oneself very rooted and strong to live life to the fullest even though it is filled with lots of uncertainties. But, believing in the guidance and protection offered by the universe, she moved ahead and faced a lot of difficulties. But she stayed firm on wanting to complete her dream of life.

Life is full of challenges. In fact, that is now part and parcel of the life that she enjoys. She entered another phase of life where she saved and transformed the lives of many people, especially girls. She was supported by her husband, Mr. Anthony Dias, who was the rock solid foundation that helped her complete her dream. It was a dream which a girl from a small town of Rajasthan would never have been able to accomplish on her own. But she managed to do so with the help of her beloved husband and other good souls around her. To know more about her inspiring story, read about her journey of life.

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Agatha Sushila Anthony Dias

This is the author’s first book and it is an autobiography. The second book is already in the making and is called ‘Manifestation of Dreams’.

Agatha Sushila Anthony Dias was inspired to write this book when she was listed among the Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs in India by Forbes Magazine, Top 10 Woman to look up to in 2021 by Passion Vista and also honored by the World Book of Records, London.

She realized that penning down her story would be worth it since it can be inspiring and motivating for all generations. She hopes that many more will be inspired to make this world a better place.

After losing her husband, Mr. Anthony Dias, she realized that all his wisdom and knowledge had gone with him. She does not want her work to be buried with her and wants her knowledge to reach as many people as possible.

 Being at home due to Covid restrictions seemed like the right time to write this book which contains all her visions, learnings, aspirations, experiences, motivations, etc. 

If you want to join her visions and aspirations, contact her on 9004002009.



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