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Author Name: SAURABH SUMAN | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details
Women are God’s masterpiece. A woman is a human being very much like a man and yet significantly different. A woman’s life is quite different from a man’s and quite different from one part of her own life to another. Conceivably, during your puberty years, you received a double message, perhaps an ambiguous message, about your body and sex. One message was that it was desirable to have someone love and marry you, you had won someone’s attention and approval. It was desirable to be able to menstruate and, in proper time, to have babies: you had entered the world of adult women. The other message was that menstruating was uncomfortable, inconvenient and unclean, having babies was confining, risky and monumentally painful. Inevitably, these two messages had a direct link to your inner world. Of course, you were encouraged to achieve academically and also athletically, to compete with the male. Suddenly, in adolescence, the rules were changed. For generations and generations, there has been conflicting over the duties of women. There are plenty of people (men and women), who feel a woman’s place is in the home. Woman; too many, she is God’s most complete creation and she is more intelligent and emotionally stronger than man. She no doubt endures much more pain than men do. Motherhood is something that God has blessed only female with. Feminity is part of inner beauty, their outward appearance is a reflection of what they are on the inside.
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SAURABH SUMAN is residing in Bangalore, India. “When Life Starts playing” is his first fiction work of which book review was published by The Times of India-The Speaking Tree (page 3). He is good at Content writing, Content Marketing & Digital Marketing. His passion is riding & writing. Saurabh writes on current trends and picks a topic from the college education system, love, social problems, rituals, myths, corporate cultures from his own experiences. He believes "Writing is the best way to express" He is also an author of the following books-"Her Last Message ", "MAKE ME BLIND", "Shining Outside & Ruining Inside" & My First Date @ German Bakery. You can reach him on #INSTAGRAM@MYLYFF # # # #author@saurabhsuman-FACEBOOK PAGE-INKANDFABLELAND