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Imperishable Glory or God and the little gods

by Rev John Robert Thwaytes

Format: Paperback

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I think it was Lobsang Rampa who said that the littlest gods are the most powerful of all the gods. Perhaps by the end of this chapter you will understand why that is true. On the cover of this book I have given an artist's impression of what a typical little god looks like at its third stage when it is in the space/time universe and just about ready to hook up with a group of friends and form a particle of matter/energy. The tiny God Particle is the basic substance that creates and forms all types of matter/energy, and without it no matter/energy of any sort can exist. It originates as part of God the Father in pre-reality, where it is almost the same as a particle of thought, and it is constituted in inexhaustible trillions, held in reserve and fed into action by the Unqualified Absolute and the Deity Absolute from the Circle of Infinity in nether Paradise. Each of these particles is a carrier of the power and Will of God for the various roles of matter/energy in Creation.

I was born in England in January 1931, and went to India with my parents and elder baby brother the same year, following the bugle and the drum. Later I was sent back to do my schooling in England, and also National Service in the British Army, Seventh Armoured Division. Then I got an Honours Degree in Modern History at Oxford University, and went to India again as an Assistant Manager in Binny and Company (Madras) Ltd. After finishing the three-year contract I joined a Business School at London, Ontario, Canada and was awarded a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration after one year. I then joined Maryglade Seminary, Memphis, Michigan to study for the missionary priesthood, and was ordained priest of the Pontificio Istituto Missioni Estere in June 1965. Soon afterwards I was sent to West Bengal to work, and have remained here ever since. I founded the Boys Town Mal Society and Caesar School in 1973, and both are flourishing.



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