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Independent India’s All the Seven Wars

Author Name: Col Y Udaya Chandar (Retd) | Format: Paperback | Genre : History & Politics | Other Details

India fought seven wars in its independent era. The book is a factual story of all these wars which include ‘The Liberation of Goa’ and the ‘Siachen War’. The book is a condensed military history but at the same time an exhaustive one. For a student of military history it will be a precious possession.

The book brings out many ‘not so well known facts’ such as ‘Hyderabad Police Action’, ‘how J&K acceded into India’, ‘Radcliffe Award bifurcating the Indian sub-continent’, ‘Jinnah’s Two-Nation theory’ and ‘division of British India Armed Forces between India and Pakistan’.

The book narrates in detail how the Chinese war came about to disgrace the country and its majestic army.

The book gives a short history of the then East Pakistan in its existence for about twenty years and how East and West Pakistan moved away from each other never to make a come-back.

The book describes how the armies fight at God-forsaken heights of 20,000 feet in winters.

If one reads this book he/she need not study the other voluminous versions of the Indian wars.

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