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Indians In Mirror View of a Common Man: Politics, Governance, and Religious Identity

by Laljee Verma

Format: Paperback

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About the Book

Indian governance has lacked in public oriented administration. Politicians, and the administrators seem to have been working in self-interest rather for public. National interest appears the last priority. Bureaucratic attitude has resulted in deficient result oriented development in almost all fields, such as polity, scientific development, and healthcare delivery. Adoption of Westminster democracy has resulted in undue concentration powers in the hands of elected representatives with lack of ‘checks and balance’.

Indic religions and culture may have a lot to give to the world. A chapter is devoted to discussion on religion, and what India could contribute to the world. The world recognises India as the spiritual hub, and looks forward to its contribution.

The book is a cross sectional discussion on different aspects of governance, and India’s religious identity from the standpoint of a common man or woman. Looking at Indian democracy and policy one wonders if there is a conflict of interest between those who govern and those who are governed, the public!


Laljee Verma is widely known in the academic circle not only in India but in most parts of the world for the pioneering work he has done in the subject of Healthcare (hospital) Waste Management, a vital area for health safety but poorly implemented. He founded the Indian Society of Hospital Waste Management (ISHWM) and was its founding President. Laljee holds a PG degree in Environmental Science, and Ph D in hospital waste management conferred by the Inter-Cultural Open University, the Netherlands. He has published more than a dozen scientific papers and articles in Indian and international journals, and undertaken many research projects.  He was granted a writing project by the department of Science and Technology, and published a book in English – ‘Healthcare Waste Management-A Practical Approach’ in 2007. Considering the relevance of the subject for healthcare workers not comfortable with English he has now decided to publish its Hindi version.

Laljee is a medical graduate and served with the Armed Forces for about 4 decades retiring from the post of Director General, Medical Services of the Air Force in the rank of Air Marshal.


Laljee lives in Delhi and can be contacted through e-mail at lalji.lkv2007@gmail.com



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