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Into The Dark

Author Name: Sombrata Mukherjee | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Unnatural events are after us, as much as we are after them. Want to experience a few? Well, prepare yourself to walk past some of the weirdest of incidents witnessed by the author himself. A travel to a lone hill, a walk with friends, a stay in an unusual hotel room, a trip on bus, a cat’s way and some others. 

Based on some real historical events as in the castle of France, to the lost legend in a city of Gujarat, each of them has secrets lying beneath. Not everyone gets a chance to find reality, but in through here – you can get a glimpse. Everyone loves to visit something which beyond this material world, and this book could act as a portal to your wish. 

Through this ten spine-chilling suspense and breath-taking facts enter a world beyond the mere scientific explanations. You yourself will be startled to stand on Shakespeare’s lines: ‘There are many more things in heaven and earth that would never be dreamt in your philosophy’.

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Sombrata Mukherjee

Sombrata Mukherjee is a newborn writer who is now writing professionally over the past few years. He has had a passion for writing from a very young age, literally even before finding the essence in reading. He used to listen to the Legendary tales of Indian History, Gods from his late grandmother Gouri Mukherjee. This stirred him to write something equally mesmerizing. This grew up a passion for writing within him, even before he started to read by himself at a later period. He started his unofficial writing journey from an early age of around ten with comic strips, poems and stories. Scarcely had they carried meanings but the talent to compose in future was foreshadowed. 

At the age of 19, Sombrata published his first book ‘Temptations’, a collection of classical love poetry (completed while he was 17). Next, he published the book “What every Hindus need to know about Hinduism” (a complete work on Hindu, part 1). Earlier, he wrote a variety of unpublished short stories, including ‘My Last Day in Park Street Cemetery’, ‘Along With Us, Disloyal’, and such. This book has the complete work of ten unpublished stories in a collection till yet.

Mukherjee also has a great passion for his native Bengali and has composed works in the language like ‘Bipin Babur Camera’, ‘Nikhilda Samagra’, ‘Haariya Pheliyachi’, ‘Bigyaner alap sahitter songe’, and others. He has worked in over three English anthologies magazines, and was nominated in INBW (India’s Next Big Writer) and has its certificate. Sombrata is also the possessor of the prestigious 21st Emily Dickinson Award (for his book ‘Temptations’) and the Jane Austen Award from Book Leaf Publishing. 

Sombrata passed out from St. Judes High school Madhyamgram with Computer Science and is currently pursuing the stream of Mass Communication and Journalism at Amity University Kolkata. He often tells of getting a combined inspiration from his parents, chiefly from his mother, Soma, who inspired him to read and write to a greater extent. Mukherjee’s father, Subrata, is the possessor of various children’s comics (chiefly in Bengali), magazines which mesmerized Sombrata’s taste in comics and Literature. The young writer has a great interest in classic genres starting from novels to short stories, poems and plays and is often inspired by classic writers. 



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