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Invite only Re-Author the Stories You Tell Yourself

Author Name: Jane Njogu Ssebugwawo | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details


Most of us are living unfulfilled lives. We are trapped in the stories we tell ourselves. These stories manifest themselves in beliefs and as thinking patterns. We shy away from exploring opportunities due to biased judgment, resulting in unfulfilled decisions and substandard choices. These stories represent the gap to living a fulfilled and happier life.

What can we do to bridge this gap?

Join the author, Jane, as she shares the story of Daniella. 

Daniella struggles with a nightmare that represents the gap to living a fulfilled life. How does she understand her nightmare, bridge the gap, and re-author the stories she's been telling herself? 

This journey will evoke emotions within you. You will learn how to handle common situations that represent the gap. Bridging this gap will help you thrive. 

Daniella's story will resonate with each of us, as we all go through this, at different phases in life. 

Are you ready to re-author your story?

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Jane Njogu Ssebugwawo

Jane is an advocate for personal growth and a life enthusiast dedicated to helping individuals transform their lives and unleash their true potential. With a passion for mindset transformation, a deep love for literature, and a desire to inspire others, Jane has written a transformative book that offers insights for self-discovery and personal transformation.

In addition to her writing, Jane is a dynamic speaker who has delivered inspiring talks on personal development, mindset transformation, and goal setting. Her engaging and interactive approach resonates with audiences, leaving them inspired and motivated to take charge of their lives.

Jane is deeply committed to ongoing learning and personal growth. She believes that everyone has the potential to create a life they love, and her mission is to empower individuals to tap into their inner strength and live with purpose and fulfillment by re-authoring the limiting stories they tell themselves.

Apart from writing and speaking, she enjoys traveling, reading, and dancing.