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Author Name: Kumar Samvad | Format: Paperback | Genre : Others | Other Details

This book contains the history of India, it contains the facts of the present, it imagines the future of India and there are many visions to see all of them. Even after calling the book a story literature, this book will certainly appear in the original discussion on many topics and presenting new principles, some new fabricated words may also appear, but it is clear in its purpose. 

This book has been written for the directionless and purposeless society of India so that every person who believes in Indian culture can work for the future of India by putting some purpose in their consciousness. Therefore, the place of this book is not in the library of any big historian or intellectual. Its place is in the hands of common people of India. I cannot reach this book to everyone who believes in the culture of India, so the readers will have to take the responsibility to reach its message to every person in India.

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Kumar Samvad

My academic background may make my work credible for some people. My age can become a measure of my maturity or immaturity. But this book will only get its right criticism when it is considered a book written by an ordinary person and every reader is considered as critic of this book. It was my job to write the book, which I have done. This book is in your hands and also the criticism of this book, which is your work.

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