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by Dr. Nikhil Chandra Das

Format: Paperback

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If in a system by the people, for the people and of the people, people themselves are forced to lead insecure, humiliated, absorbed, tortured, doubtful and scared lives, in that case, it is the same people who do not hesitate to pose countless questions on their own system. They, then, are not only active enough to assert their right but also to exercise their duty to organise the disorganisation in the system. In a democratic country, this is the biggest religion of the people.

This book discusses issues like the system of the common man, the work-culture in the system, and so on.

I hope, this book entitled ‘The Power of Public’ may prove useful to the common man as well as to everyone associated with the system, in order to strengthen democracy. For more information, contact on the following email address:

Email : ncdjsm2012@gmail.com

Dr. Nikhil Chandra Das is born in Seema Village under the Nimdih block of the Saraikela-Kharsawan district of Jharkhand state on 5 February, 1952. As a student, he played a pivotal role in various cultural activities. He is also deeply interested in subjects like language, philosophy, spirituality and politics. He knows five languages-Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Sanskrit and English. He earned a PhD in Vedant philosophy. He took a Diploma in Tamil language under the Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore. He began writing for newspapers and magazines during his early days of teaching career. He has also contributed in language seminars on a national level. He is also interested in social work. Dr. Das wrote a book named ‘The Power of Public’ to contribute to the strengthening of democracy. His next book will be based on his own experiences and personal accounts.








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