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Janma Antare Life, As It Was

Author Name: BT Chand | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details


The same recurring dreams with the same people and a single scene unchanged.

A young woman is out, embarking on a thrilling journey to retrieve the lost kingdom of Prachalayas and a bundle that went down with the kingdom some thousands of years ago.

The olai chuvadi. Where was it? Who is Radha, the mysterious woman that warns Swastika of the impending danger that is fumbling around the corner? What happened to the entire kingdom, the king and the people of Prachalayas? What is the connection between the kingdom and her dreams?

To answer these questions, Swastika will have to dig through centuries of tragic history to uncover the story from her past.

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BT Chand

Born and bred in Malaysia, Brina Tharishinee’s love for writing stories surfaced a very young age as she fondly recalls the time she read imaginative stories to her mother and sisters.

Brina was a bright child at school who excelled in studies and extra-curricular activities. A talented singer, she was also actively involved in school debates, drama and considering her remarkable writing skills, she had written for various public speaking texts and authored several playwrights during her school days.

She went on to studying medicine as wished by her parents, but she never gave up writing, always making it a point that she writes at least five pages a day despite her very tight schedule during her medical school days.

She is now happily married to her long-term sweetheart and lives with their son, Saamrat.



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