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Journey Through the Dark Monster

Author Name: Pradyumn mane | Format: Paperback | Genre : Technology & Engineering | Other Details

This book is a primer on general relativity and black holes and has been verified by experts. The chapters are arranged in such a way that they build a strong pictorial and conceptual foundation in the minds of the readers, to help them understand critical aspects of relativity and black holes. In your journey through these cosmological monsters, you shall be halting at seventeen stops. The journey begins right from the formation of the star until the controversial holographic principle—from the prediction of black holes till seeing and verifying the existence of black holes.

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Pradyumn mane

Physics has always fascinated and inspired Pradyumn to keep exploring. This first book of his is a small contribution to the scientific and non-scientific community alike. A student of Engineering Physics at Bennett University, Pradyumn believes, “The Future Belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Setting everyday goals, living in the present and managing time polish him each and every day. He loves challenges and equally enjoys stress, as both tests his capabilities.

Pradyumn started his journey into physics at the age of fifteen and was curious to understand the laws of nature. Eventually, he fell in love with particle physics for obvious reasons and started exploring the microscopic world. Along with this, he started a blog titled 'Physics Mindboggler' to share his discoveries with others. The main agenda of Physics Mindboggler is to inspire, in addition to throwing light on various scientific aspects without confusing the readers.

Pradyumn firmly believes that research and development of technologies make up a major chunk of the economic growth of a country. Therefore, this field needs to be taken at the next level by today’s young generation. With this and other upcoming books, he wishes to inspire young physicists and make them think about the technological revolutions they can bring about, via research. This book, in fact, is an outcome of a research diary, which he has been maintaining for years.

Fully aware that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy, Pradyumn is also a second Dan Black Belt in Karate Budokan International.