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Journey with The Enlightened Understanding the Contemporary World through Vedic Philosophical, Scientific & Practical Wisdom

Author Name: Prof. Indira Jha | Format: Paperback | Genre : Religion & Spirituality | Other Details
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o   What is the meaning of liṅga in Śiva Liṅga?

o   How old is Hinduism?

o   How does one develop the act of taking the right decision at the right time?

o   Why does the mind get distracted while chanting mantras?

o   Should one believe in palmistry?

o   Why do the youngsters today go abroad?

All of us have asked these questions and many more at some point in time. 

Journey with The Enlightened is based on such questions raised by the devotees of Śrīmajjagadguru Śaṅkarācārya Svāmī Niścalānanda Sarasvatījī across the country and around the year during his various programmes. Written language is a powerful medium to understand the viewpoint of Śaṅkarācāryajī. With great insight and vast scriptural knowledge, he analyses all the complex issues faced in the modern world. He offers solutions and open discussions on them. He concludes by putting a counter-question - how will our country and the world change unless we work together for a better world? With His blessings, this book is a humble attempt to bring the wisdom of these discourses to a larger audience.

The quest dealt with in Journey with The Enlightened can be categorised under three headings:

o   Above Self: Quest regarding God—the highest self ‘Paramātmā.’ How is he? How does he look like? What are his attributes? Why should we believe in him? What goes wrong if we defy him?

o   Self, “I”: Who am I? What should I do to see myself? How should I uplift myself?

o   Selfless: These questions are the stepping stones to becoming selfless.

If anyone wants to understand the contemporary world, the problems that it faces, and wants to be a part of the solution, not the problem - Journey with The Enlightened is the book for them.

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Prof. Indira Jha

Prof. Indira Jha has been in the field of education for the last forty-three years. In her long career as an English teacher, she realised that, in order to be a good teacher, one has to be in the continuous process of learning. Not only learning something new but re-learning what has been learnt. Being a professor, it is her natural inclination to educate and empower others with the knowledge she has gained. She considers herself very fortunate to be a disciple and a devotee of His Holiness Śrīmajjagadguru Śaṅkarācārya of Shri Govardhan Math Puri, Svāmī Niścalānanda Sarasvatījī Mahārāj. Indira Jha feels that true success lies in directing one’s actions towards one’s guru. She involved herself intensely in propagating the teachings of Śaṅkarācāryajī through various publications. For over two decades, she has been carefully listening to and contemplating upon his powerful discourses. She has tried to understand his themes, thoughts and ideas.