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Just Invest and Become Insanely Wealthy! Intuitive Investing Across Asset Classes

Author Name: Jayaram Rajaram | Format: Paperback | Genre : Business, Investing & Management | Other Details

Just Invest and become Insanely Wealthy! is a book for action takers. The content inside is gold standard for those who seek to learn investing in various asset classes through intuitive, common-sensical ways. This book is as much for people who hate numbers and complexity as it is for the finance geeks, as it gives a fresh perspective on visual, systematic and intuitive investing across asset classes. Whether you like equity, real estate, gold, debt, angel investing or crowd financing, this book will teach you how you can win across asset classes. No matter how many investment books you have read, this is a must read. 

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Jayaram Rajaram

Jayaram Rajaram is the Managing Partner of Bril (Industrial Research Corporation, a firm that has been in the stationery, baby and children and consumer products business since 1964. While Jayaram’s primary focus is Bril, he has a passion for investing across asset classes and has helped his family and business strike significant deals and make significant investments across asset classes ranging from real estate to equities to gold to debt and beyond. Jayaram’s style of investing is very different from established theories because it is more visual, intuitive and common-sensical. Jayaram’s method of investing will help the beginner and intermediate investor immensely while it would also pique the curiosity and add tremendous value to the hardcore investor.



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