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Kaash! Kabhi Ye Bhi Toh Ho? / काश! कभी ये भी तो हो?

Author Name: Mohinder Juneja | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

This book is about paintings and poems by Mohinder Juneja. The poems are in hindi and all the paintings in the book are large oil on canvas original paintings by the author himself. The book is divided in to four chapters and has total 209 poems in total.


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महेन्‍द्र जुनेजा

Have you ever met a person 5 in 1 (Five in One)?

You meet one person and you feel you have met many?

I feel humbled, privileged and honored to introduce you to such a multi talented person, Mohinder Juneja, the author orf this book. Mohinder Juneja is a poet, a painter, a composer, a singer and a fashion designer, all these 5 (Five) God gifted talents woven and blended together perfectly in a balanced and harmonic way in his personality.

Two (2) out of Five (5) of his symphonic talents POETRY AND PAINTINGS are portrayed splendidly well in this book. His unique voice resonates throughout every line of verse in this compelling collection. MOHINDER JUNEJA’s work embodies a deep understanding of the human experience and the subtleties of emotion, each poem serving as a reflection of life’s fleeting moments.

Drawing from both personal experiences and universal themes, he weaves a tapestry of lyrical beauty that truly enchants the reader, leaving a lasting imprint on the soul. Delve in to the pages and embark on a journey through heartache, joy, love and the myriad intricacies of life, eloquently expressed through the evocative power of Mohinder Juneja’s poetry.

But Mohinder Juneja’s talents don’t end at the written word or musical notes.

As a painter, his paintings capture the myriad hues of human emotions.

His artwork is a visual representation of the same depth and complexity found in his poems and Compositions.