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Leadership Styles based on Team Effectiveness

by D.S Pandit

Format: Paperback

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This book provides a new perspective to leadership styles. In this book, the leader’s attributes and actions are discussed in context to the available team and set targets. This book describes six leadership styles based on the role played by the leader in ensuring effectiveness of the team. It explains how to understand one’s leadership style. Finally it also suggests ways to improve the same.

The author, D. S. Pandit, is a Mechanical Engineer (B.E.), from VJTI and Masters in Information Management, from JBIMS, Mumbai University. He has worked in various environments, right from the factory shop floor, to outsourced software development centres, to corporate management offices. He had the opportunity to lead different teams in different environments. He could observe other leaders in action as well. Being interested in the topic of leadership (corporate leadership to be specific), he has done significant reading, observation and thinking on this topic. He studied several existing popular leadership style theories where the leaders are classified into various types mainly based on their own actions and attributes. The author, through this book, has tried to classify leadership styles based on team effectiveness (like success or failure of the team). The readers will surely connect with this point of view!



Leadership Styles based on Team Effectiveness





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