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Lesser Omnipotents

Author Name: Fathima Manal | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

In a small rural Muslim dominant village of Malabar in Kerala, in the late 1980s, an elderly Muslim sorcerer owns a djinn and  with its constant magical assistance, he helps the villagers. 

The sorcerer's young beautiful wife struggles with her constant resentment towards herself and others around her for ruining her education prematurely, while their daughters endure the battles with menarche, societal pressure for marriage and their parents’ discord. 

Meanwhile the sorcerer’s younger brother joins a slow youth revolution that targets the political party that rules the district and which was formed under the religious banner funded by his own sorcerer brother. 

While his brother and his wife silently plot against the conservativeness and oppression within the party and religion, the sorcerer’s mother has her fight with dementia.

When supernatural forces catch hold of their everyday lives, the oppressed sect of the region has to cross their limits and act relentlessly, but mysteries and hidden stories of the past spurting out occasionally can bring down even the most powerful of the community.

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Fathima Manal

Fathima Manal was born in Kerala, India. She is a practicing Psychiatrist. She pursued her graduation in Medicine and Post graduation in Psychiatry at Government Medical College, Calicut. She has published English poems in various national and international platforms. This is her first novel.