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Let's be confidante I think, I should Burn your love in fire of my heart.

Author Name: Aarchi Advani Saini | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

We always try fighting with destiny. Trying to push it towards you. Lots of stress, sleepless nights just to make it to what YOU want.
The problem is we keep challenging destiny, we keep fighting against it and not for the better of it. 

It's time to put in the effort (without forcing it) and swim in the waves of destiny letting Allah guide that boat to rescue you.
Let Allah take that thing you want so badly towards YOU. And not you racing to catch it with all forces. 

Whether you will keep running 10 miles or 6000 miles in your life journey, then know this, at the end of that journey: your death is waiting and your book will be closed. 

Stop chasing, stop challenging, tie the camel and move with the waves directed by Allah.
Prayers & Hope!
That's all you should do, O running soul!

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Aarchi Advani Saini

Aarchi Advani Saini.! 

[  ] Author of the book "The Loads Of Poetry"
[  ] Social media "Aarchi Advani"
[  ] Aries, believe in destiny. 

Aarchi was born in India on 25th March 2002, the daughter of Sanjeev  Advani Saini(an engineer) and his wife Mamta Saini (a homemaker). 
She becomes one of the youngest author of Shamli. So renowned for "The loads of poetry). She has sold the book worldwide, the recipient of numerous prestigious awards in her writing journey. She writes daily columns syndicated throughout the world. Aarchi Advani is well known for her writing on many other platforms. And overthrowing mankind. She is also a fantasy and literary fiction author specializing in "Life". 
The Aarchi Advani Saini, also hosts a channel where she uses her passion for storytelling. And a background in business to help other creatives navigate their writing. And publishing journey. When she's not writing or tubing she enjoys listening to books,
Making stories on her own. And love to live in her virtual world.



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