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Letter to Future

Author Name: eShan | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

A daring presentation of hitherto unexplored components of life, all in their truthful nakedness before us. Letter to Future is a book with a futuristic perspective of human life and relationships that elevates our wisdom to a higher plane with stunning revelations about the very core elements of mankind - gender, sex, marriage, family, and life! 

As an epistolary to his sons, author eShan, acts as our tour guide for the journey to the future, from the past via the present. Journey through the old town does petrify us, but only due to revelations of putrefied concepts in the life we adopt. 

Presented with a distinctly different approach, the book grasps our mind and soul all through. The concept of the Family Registration System put forth by eShan is very intriguing and calls for seriousness from everyone towards life. An indispensable piece of knowledge without which, we may endanger our life and darken our future. 

Letter to Future is not devoid of its share of rhetoric humor and awe-inspiring revelations. Have we wondered- why a circle has 360 degrees -Why do the words ten and tense sound similar? 

From yin-yang to nature -virginity to cyclic redundancy, eShan has left nothing untouched in this fabulous rainbow of life in print that encompasses the complete spectrum of human life leaving no shade; even on the dark ones the book throws light on and empowers the reader with the wisdom to think and courage to change. 

Inform yourself to empower your children, with this Letter to Future.

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eShan is a Business Software Systems Analyst who transformed as an Author when LIFE compelled him to handover LIFE as an intellectual property to his twin sons aged 3 and began his journey into philosophy of LIFE, when he started opening the Bonnet of Life, to examine and rewire all its components.